Stacy London *Disclaimer: I am not Stacy, nor do I work for her.
Best known for her work on TLC's 'What not to Wear,' Stacy is also stylist-in-chief at Style for Hire, executive producer of TLC's "Big Brooklyn Style," style correspondent for the Today Show, head of Westfield Style Magazine and author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Truth About Style! Stacy recently started a new campaign,
  • Uncover Your Confidence
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  • Celebrate, everyday, the person you are. – Stacy London, The Truth About Style (via yoga-chic)
    This is the age of personal branding and everyone is a star. It is no longer as simple as dressing ourselves well and baking cookies or nailing a deal; it is proving how clever we are, how much fun we are, how busy we are, how witty we are, even how vulnerable we are. This is the ta-da jazz-hands moment, and this is something you need to create ten times a day, every day. You don’t just have to be the woman who does everything; you now have to SHOW that you are (EVEN IF YOU AREN’T.) Welcome to the new résumé. A Culture of Extraordinary by Stacy London (via elyseindc)

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