Stacy London *Disclaimer: I am not Stacy, nor do I work for her.
Best known for her work on TLC's 'What not to Wear,' Stacy is also stylist-in-chief at Style for Hire, executive producer of TLC's "Big Brooklyn Style," style correspondent for the Today Show, head of Westfield Style Magazine and author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Truth About Style! Stacy recently started a new campaign,
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    Please go watch these videos and look how perfect Stacy is.

    The most perfect throwback.

    Anonymous said:
    what do you think a werewolf version of Stacy would look like?


    Anonymous said:
    I guess I don't have anything to ask you, Stacy. But I just wanted to tell you you are AMAZING!!! I watch What Not To Wear everyday and I am IN LOVE with the show and you and Clinton. You guys opened my eyes and let me see the world of fashion, and you have inspired me in so many ways. I am extremely devistated because What Not To Wear is ending after 10 glorious years. I hope they will at least show old episodes on TLC. You guys rock :D <3

    Unfortunately, I am not Stacy. You can connect with her on twitter or through the links shared on my blog!

    Hey guys! I’m reblogging this video of myself because it features the necklace Stacy picked out for me when I saw her at Bauble Bar in November!! :)

    Also this may or may not be shameless self promotion… 

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